“This latest triumph – following a Met Stars in Concert appearance (review) and Bellini’s Il pirata (review) – continues to find Radvanovsky possibly singing better now than at any time in her career. This is a role she might not get to sing again apart from in a production like this or a concert. So while you can, glory in what a human voice can do and listen to her first act ‘Ritorna vincitor!’ for a passionate bravura performance which scales vocal heights and deeply affecting depths when she sing ‘Numi, pietà’. There is an order of finesse and resplendent technique here and again in ‘O patria mia’ – replete with equal parts nostalgia, anxiety and resignation – which you feel privileged to hear though feared had been long consigned to soprano history. There are floated high notes and the ability to feel every word and phrase.”

Seen and Heard International

“Excellent were Radvanovsky’s Aida and Tézier’s Amonasro.  Radvanovsky brought her years of bel canto training and experience to her singing of the title role.  Even within the confines of de Beer’s staging, she managed to create an emotionally engaged interpretation, founded on an impeccable sense of line, even legato and magically floated pianissimi.  Her ‘patria mia’ was sung in endless phrases and she soared up to an exquisite high C.  Radvanovsky’s is one of those voices that has to be heard live to appreciate its sheer resonance and the way that it carries through the house.  It made me long to be able to experience her instrument live, soaring over the ensemble in the triumphal scene.  She also gave us some delicately exquisite singing in the final scene, filling her music with tender farewells to a life that was.”

Opera Traveller