“Radvanovsky was extraordinary. Like Maria Callas, perhaps the 20th century’s defining Tosca, she uses the slightly grainy quality of her sound to exciting dramatic purpose. Her account of the great aria “Vissi d’arte” was at once intensely anguished and surpassingly beautiful. The ovation went on so long it seemed Radvanovsky might be forced to break character and acknowledge it. But not this Tosca. One of the best actresses in opera, she made the character her own with affecting touches — flirtatious and playful one moment, fearful and anguished the next.”

The New York Times

“The evening was all about Radvanovsky, even beyond the role she played… it was Radvanovsky who was almost entirely responsible for the successes of the evening’s performance. When she was on stage, everything was vivid and vital.”

New York Classical Review

“Sondra Radvanovsky brought a wealth of interpretive experience as well as gorgeous execution. The quick jealousies of her opening lines soon melted into a playful charm before her duets with Jagde “Non la spiri, la nostra casetta,” and “Qual’occhio.” Soon after, when beguiled by Scarpia, Tosca’s pain heard lovely expression through Radvanovsky’s outraged, biting tones and crisply-rolled consonants. Her Act two scene with the baron carried with delectable agony as his threats and advances continually bore down upon the diva, with Radvanovsky’s rendition of “Vissi d’arte” being as sonorous as it was heart-wrenching. This dramatic showcase was met with show-stopping and deserved applause.”