“Sondra Radvanovsky eschewed the customary stuffiness of the recital format, often speaking directly to the audience and putting her selections in a highly personal context.”

parterre box

“This was one of the strangest and most affecting recitals or concerts I have ever attended. And as a friend and I were discussing afterward, there is nothing like a voice recital. The music world offers an excellent and appetizing menu: orchestra concerts, chamber-music concerts, instrumental recitals, operas — but nothing can beat a voice recital for sheer emotional connection and overall satisfaction.”

The New Criterion

“I had the pleasure of attending a marvellous recital — entitled ‘From Loss to Love’ — by the superb, Canadian, operatic soprano, Sondra Radvanovsky, excellently accompanied by pianist Anthony Manoli.”

Film Festival Traveler

“Abandoning the conventional recital format and often speaking directly to the audience, Sondra Radvanovsky shared a poignant and deeply personal journey in this recital entitled ‘From Loss to Love’.”

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