“Sondra Radvanovsky has steel in her soprano for the titular princess, eager to chop off her suitors’ heads if they can’t answer her riddles. But there’s a hint of something else from her first appearance, when her imperious hauteur admits softness at the recollection of her wronged ancestor.”

The Guardian

“Fearless soprano Sondra Radvanovsky relishes the challenges that come with learning the new role.”


“She is an imperious ruler, both vocally and dramatically, with a fair amount of the proverbial steel in her voice.”


“Frankly I thought Sondra Radvanovsky had reached her pinnacle with her Norma but I was apparently mistaken. I’m happy to say her Turandot is completely next-level.”

parterre box

“This tremendous Turandot is superbly conducted, played, sung, and recorded.”

Colins Column

“Dans le rôle-titre, la soprano canadienne Sondra Radvanovsky conjugue l’inflexibilité de ses convictions avec un dramatisme poignant et humain.”

“In the title role, Canadian soprano Sondra Radvanovsky combines the inflexibility of her convictions with a poignant and human drama.”

Crescendo Magazine

“La soprano Sondra Radvanovsky incarne la Princesse de Chine Turandot dans la nouvelle intégrale événement sous la direction d’Antonio Pappano.”

“Soprano Sondra Radvanovsky embodies the Princess of China Turandot in the new integral event under the direction of Antonio Pappano.”

Le Soir